Medium Voltage Joints
New Generation MIRP up 15kV The unique patented WT Henley Moulded Insulation Resin Protected Joint, has been developed over the years to become perhaps the simplest to install and the most reliable medium voltage cable jointing system available today. Suiting all cable configurations from Paper to Polymeric as well as Transition Jointing. Specified and trusted by many UK Electricity Companies, we can supply kits to suit all jointing requirements.

Medium Voltage Joints
W T Henley's famous 'G-Kit' brand of low voltage joint kits.
Everything you need in 1 box Joint shell
Armour Bonding Clamp
Conductor Re-Insulation
2 - part Polyurethane Resin Compound
Polymeric Stand-off Insulators

11, 24 and 33kV Stand Off Insulators, incorporating W T Henley's unique EPDM cladding material on a strong GRP rod.

Primarily designed to be used in conjunction with modern MV cable pole terminations. These insulators can be purchased as individual units, in sets, or in kit form supplied with the appropriate termination and if required with a support bracket. Now also available with SILICONE cladding.

Mechanical Connectors

Low Voltage Connectors
W T Henley produces a range of Aluminium and Brass connectors for straight, Branch and service joints. Full details available on request.
Insulated LV Connectors
Ring Connector (Safe T Multi -Service Connector)
Medium Voltage Connectors
W T Henley produces a range of Aluminium connectors for straight , branch and service joints. Full details are available on request.

Underground Joint Shells

W T Henley produces a wide range of shells for underground cable joints for customers worldwide. Vacuum formed from black, white or transparent polystyrene. Many are ribbed for additional strength to allow immediate reinstatement of Resin filled joints. Contact us with your precise requirements. Tooling up for designs outside of our range is not a problem for volume demand.

Polyurethane Resin Compound

Famous for our Compounds, W T Henley has designed and manufactures a range of Polyurethane Resin Compounds, primarily intended as a filling medium for Cable Joint boxes and terminations. However they are equally suited to any applications requiring water-tightness or mechanical protection and will adhere to paper or polymeric cables as well as copper and brass surfaces.

Our Compounds are simple to use and full mixing constructions are supplied with each kit. All the necessary components are supplied with each kit, whether you choose our 2-part or 3-part mix. Sizes range from 0.35l to 12.0l. Domestic and Export grades are available.
Electrical Stress Control Mastic

A pliable self amalgamating tape for electrical stress control, void and gap filling for MV power cable accessory applications. High permittivity and low loss tangent gives the mastic excellent stress controlling properties.

Now re-formulated to provide enhanced tensile strength, tack and surface appearance. The mastic is highly resistant to impregnating compounds such as M.I.N.D and Rosin Oil, which are commonly used in Paper Insulated Cables. It contains a high molecular weight plasticiser which is non extractable and therefore gives excellent compatability with Polymeric Insulated Cables. Supplied as an extruded tape of 1.65mm on an easy release substrate. Non toxic and self amalgamating.

Plastic Compound

Now supplied in an easy to store handy 1 kg re-sealable tub, our Plastic Compound is as popular as ever. Available in a choice of 2 colours, either yellow or the softer green, they suit a variety of mechanical, electrical or acoustic applications.

Designed as a general purpose non-hardening , water resistant mastic void filler, this compound is especially suitable for electrical installation work with rubber or polythene cables, where it may be necessary to protect parts from moisture or fumes. Both colours are available in 1kg size tubs / Yellow also available in a 5kg pack. /Green also available in a 142 gram pack.

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