Service Cutouts
Manufactured in robust, glass re-enforced polyester (DMC) material 60/80A or 100A versions available. The full range includes:

Series 5
This range is designed to provide a replacement cut-out for existing PILC installations (SNE or CNE). Interchangeable phase and neutral terminals enable simple installation without the need to disturb the cable polarity. Single pole, single pole and neutral and triple pole and neutral versions available.

Series 6
Compliant with BS7657, this range is especially suited for use on Separate Neutral and Earth (SNE) systems. SP and SP+N+E cut-outs are available - the units may be combined to form triple pole sets.

Series 7
Market leading range, compliant with BS7657, designed for use on CNE systems. SP and SP+N/E cut-outs are available - the units may be combined to form triple pole sets.

Series 7 close coupled

With all the features of the standard S7 but with a specially designed turret which interfaces directly with meter entry ports to prevent the theft of un-metered electricity via tap-offs between the cut-out and meter.

Heavy Duty Cutouts

W T Henley has designed and manufactures a choice of 2 four pole insulated Heavy Duty Cutouts. Designed to accept BS 88 'J' type fuse-links, both these products are suitable for use with stranded /solid copper or aluminium conductors with conductors from 95 - 300mm2. Moulded from high impact glass reinforced polyester material, which is inherently flame retardant and posses an electrical tracing resistance >600 (CTI). Standard shrouded through grip Carriers are provided for phase connection/isolation.

Overhead (Pole Mounted) Cutouts

W T Henley Industry standard design , 400A rated fused Cutout is one of our best selling products. Designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind, this pole mountable fused Cutout is the ideal method of providing rural dwellings with a safe protected and reliable Low Voltage power supply. Manufactured from our own formulation of glass reinforced polyester (DMC), this fused Cutout is unobtrusive in appearance and vandal resistant, when compared to many of the more traditional materials such as porcelain. Also available our alternative compact design for optimised mounting arrangements. A ground operated 400A Network switch is also available - details on request.

Service Equipment
Fuse Carriers
Our range of Fuse Carriers is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Suitable for use with a variety of Fused Distribution Equipment, these carriers are manufactured from our own durable formulation of Polyester Dough moulded Compound (DMC).

Solid Links
These are ideal in situations where Isolation is required without using a fuse-link. Our range consists of solid bare copper links of the bolted or wedge pattern, or alternatively pre-fitted into a fuse carrier.

Multiway Service Heads (Rising Service Boxes)
A simple safe and cost effective means of providing supply/isolation facilities to multi-occupied dwellings (for example a block of flats) is the W T Henley Multiway Service Head.

Fused Multi Service Pillars
Providing a safe and reliable low voltage supply to rural dwellings is easy with our choice of Multi Service Pillars.

3" Fuse Carrier
Wedge operation fuse carrier for direct replacement of 3" (76mm) Porcelain Carriers use extensively in Underground link boxes, feeder pillars and other LV fused equipment.
Insulated Connector Boxes

W T Henley has designed and manufactures a comprehensive and popular range of Insulated connector Boxes for a variety of applications and situations. Our Connector Boxes are all designed to accept copper conductors, whist types 2 and 3 can also be used with aluminium. With the exception of our smallest model (type 1) which is manufactured in nylon, the rest of our highly successful range is manufactured in our own formulation tough, arc resistant grade of Glass reinforced polyester (DMC).

Street Lighting cutouts for single and Double Pole Isolation

Reliable Street lighting has been proven to improve road safety and to help in reducing street crime. Central to maintaining supply to the lantern is a dependable service fuse (Cutout). Drawing on our long tradition of designing quality fusegear, (an integral part of many of the worlds distribution network for decades) W T Henley has the optimal design. Our New Single Pole/Double Pole Street Lighting Cutout is moulded from a high grade robust thermoplastic and features a zero force lever release system making the carrier and/or fuse-link inspection simple as well as ensuring complete disconnection from the live supply. Also available and manufactured from our own specially formulated glass reinforced Polyester Moulding Compound is our standard single Pole only model. This single phase model not only allows the looping in and out of the incoming supply, but when used in conjunction with optional connectors and terminal shrouds, may also be used with a 3-phase supply.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

W T Henley Miniature Circuit Breakers have a low rate of impedance and an extremely low watt loss making them one of the most energy efficient MCB’s available. Our range offers type B tripping characteristics for domestic or commercial installations such as light bulbs and heaters. Manufactured from Polybutylene Teraphtalate, W T Henley Circuit breakers use an electromagnet, which responds instantaneously to short circuit current, together with a bi-metallic strip that responds to less extreme but longer-term over-current conditions.

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